DISC ROPE SWING, best toy for outdoor fun!

    I made one of these two summers ago for my kiddos to use in the front yard. It's been a kid magnet since then and has provided dozens of kids hours of fun. I was shocked at how something so inexpensive and easy to make would be so enjoyable. Learn how to make one below and bring … [Read more...]

Playhouse, Playhouse, Playhouse

Check out these awesome playhouse. The kids would be lining up down the street to play on these. Schools out, now let's play! Parade of Playhouses by NM Appleseed. Cosmos Playhouse at Parade of Playhouses   Pretending to be a customer at the Bank {or maybe a bank … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip: Greywater

  Reuse your greywater by sending it directly to your plants!  Greywater PVC pipe delivering water to the apple tree. My very healthy greywater garden full of Maximilian sunflower, primrose, vinca and an apple tree. System of pipes attached from the house where we divert the … [Read more...]

Tuesday Garden To Dos: May

  Watering: Spot water new plants daily. Roots should take after about 2 weeks. Try tugging on the plant gently to see if the roots have taken. If so, you can go to watering 3 times a week. Remember to check all your irrigation parts and pieces this month. This will ensure efficient water … [Read more...]

Ready set BOMB….Guerilla Gardening Made Easy with DIY seed bombs.

  Vacant lots run rampant throughout cities. Additionally, the bland brownscape of the Southwest could use some revamping. Why not liven up your neighborhood lot with a seed bomb? What is a Seed Bomb? Not only did the 70's bring us disco, lava lamps and Happy Faces; the oil crisis … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tip: Mom needs a Container Garden!

Container gardening adds seasonal variety and brings in the colors your missing from your yard. Container gardens provide annual color to landscapes between perennial bloom cycles. Use sculptural evergreen plants such as Agave, Yucca, and topiary juniper to provide winter interest. Branches … [Read more...]