Junipers, why we love to hate them!

Pinyon-juniper woodlands are the largest forest cover type in NM, comprising 14.6 million acres and representing 65% of NM forests (according to USGS Gap Analysis Program–Land Cover Data). In contrast, the next largest forest cover types in NM are ponderosa pine at 5.2 million acres (23%) and mixed … [Read more...]

Great plants that hide an ugly view

Homeowners are constantly looking for that perfect plant for that exact spot. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. Landscape designers know there are so many factors that go into placing the right plant in the right place. Sun-loving plants should be planted in sunny spaces. Shade-loving … [Read more...]

Landscape Coach Tips: Week 4

Coming at you with my week 4 of Landscape Coach Tips. These tips are things you can do in your yard with the items you have at home. They are being shared daily over on instagram / facebook and weekly here in these emails! Enjoy. LANDSCAPE COACH TIP 16: Plant in the fall then enjoy all the … [Read more...]

Local Nursery Operating Updates

There has been a lot of changes with the plant nurseries in town as they pivot to work with the changing times. I know the weekend is coming and many of you may be anxious to get over to the nurseries so you can get planting in your yard. Please note a few things before you go. 1. Follow the … [Read more...]

Help, My Trees Need Pruning

The winter is best time of year to prune trees, learn how to choose the best professional to prune your trees. This isn't an every year kind of thing but keep reading to learn more. I wrote this article originally for the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority over on … [Read more...]

Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries

Our Land: Backyard Wildlife Sanctuaries: I was so excited to be asked to share my backyard for a feature with Our Land, a regular segment on New Mexico PBS. In this month’s installment of Our Land, correspondent Laura Paskus takes viewers along as she examines the effort to build a network of … [Read more...]

Creating Living Shade with Vines

This article was originally posted for, it is being re-published here for your use. While it is fantastic living in the Southwest where the sun shines over 310 days a year, sometimes landscapes and homeowners alike crave shade. Large trees provide great shade but may take a long … [Read more...]