Pro tips for designing your spray system

Since the Albuquerque area receives about 9” of rain on average per year and grass lawns can use up to 50” of water per year, the proper design of an irrigation system for a grass lawn is of utmost importance when it comes to water efficiency. Irrigation efficiency can save up to 30% of the water … [Read more...]

Win at Winter the Scandinavian Way

With the pandemic still in full force indoor gatherings are not safe this winter and outdoor winter activities are where it's at. This got me wondering how Nordic countries manage with their long winter nights, lots of snow and cold temperatures. There is a word the Scandinavians use, friluftsliv … [Read more...]

Garden enthusiasts gift ideas

Gift giving is a well known tradition this time of year, whether it's for Hannukuh, Christmas or the other festivities this time of year, garden gifts are always a welcome holiday treat. Today I'm sharing gift suggestions for those garden enthusiasts in your life or yourself!! Green gifts for … [Read more...]

Non-traditional Holiday Wreath

Evergreen wreaths are pretty standard during the holidays. Most years I grab extra evergreen material from my Christmas tree and use that to make a wreath. Sometimes I scrounge around in my yard and trim my evergreens. This year I bought a premade one for a good cause. But I wanted to put my spin on … [Read more...]

Bring on the heat, 8 ways to heat your outdoor living spaces

Wood Burning: Built in Fireplaces: The indoor fireplace brought outdoors. There are many options for these built ins like adjacent to a covered seating area, tucked into a corner of a patio space or even incorporated into a bonco seating area. For these it's great to have an area for wood storage … [Read more...]

All Natural Holiday Wreath

With all of us limiting our footprint this year due to the pandemic, I wanted to keep my holiday wreath simple and create one that could take me through all the seasons. Cause, let's be honest....simple and long lasting is a win for my schedule right now due to three kids doing online learning plus … [Read more...]

Landscape Coach Tips: Week 8

Coming at you with week 8 and final week of Landscape Coach Tips. These are the last 5 tips in our Landscape Coach Covid series. This series was started as a way to give you things you can do in your yard with the items you have at home while at home. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have … [Read more...]