Non-traditional Holiday Wreath

Evergreen wreaths are pretty standard during the holidays. Most years I grab extra evergreen material from my Christmas tree and use that to make a wreath. Sometimes I scrounge around in my yard and trim my evergreens. This year I bought a premade one for a good cause. But I wanted to put my spin on it so it’d go with the colors of my front porch.

The front porch colors are orange, green, off white and turquoise. Rummaged through my yarn collection and found some turquoise yarn so I made some tassles. Repurposed the dehydrated oranges I had from the Fall. Was admiring my neighbors beautiful natural stars and they passed some extras along they had from their time n Budapest. A wreath was born.

How to make yarn tassles:

Step 1: cut a piece of cardboard, add a notch and thread yarn on it. Step 2: begin wrapping yarn around cardboard, as much or as big as you’d like your tassle. 20+ times is good. Step 3: thread a loop to hang tassle through top piece. Step 4: cut bottom loops. Step 5: wrap center to make top of tassle. Done!
Wreath materials all gathered ready to be placed on wreath.
Close up of wreath adornments.

What type of wreath will you be making this year???

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