New Mexico Plants Made Easy Book

A simple plant book for people like you and me. ($10)  60 of my favorite plants for Albuquerque and New Mexico. Each page includes a plant photo, and a basic description about the plants preferences including soil, water, and maintenance needs. Almost all of the plants in this book are well adapted to NM and are easy to care for. The book gives you just enough information to make you knowledgeable but not enough to make you cross-eyed.

  • Small pocket plant book
  • Showcases 60 of my favorite plants for New Mexico
  • Easily organized by plant type, tree, shrub, groundcover, grasses.
  • A perfect companion to bring to the plant store.

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Landscape Maintenance Guide

This is a Landscape Maintenance Guide designed for New Mexico that tells you exactly what to do in your yard each month. It simplifies the stress we sometimes feel when we think we need to be taking care of our plants.

This guide tells you how much to water, when to prune, why we mulch and when you should put down pre-emergents to prevent those weeds from coming up. It’s a simple to use guide telling you exactly what you need to do that month in your yard. It’s all about low maintenance so you have more time to spend relaxing in your yard.

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Irrigation Maintenance Fanny Pack

The kit comes with :

  • New Mexico Plants Made Easy Book: my favorite 60 plants
  • Irrigation Maintenance Guide Book: quick irrigation how to’s
  • Drip punch tool
  • Goof Plugs and end caps
  • Barbed connectors, elbow fittings and T connectors.
  • Flag emitters: 1gph, 2 gph and 4gph
  • Hose shut off valve
  • Fanny Pack to hold all the parts!

(delivered in early December)

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Tree Watering System

This drip irrigation system attaches to your hose allowing you to easily water your extablished trees. It gets watered efficintlyl and directly where the roots need it.

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Landscape Design Made Easy Online Course

This is an online Landscape Design course. It includes videos, worksheets, tutorials, and checklists to help you design your yard step by step.

  • How to get started
  • What tools to use
  • What’s your Landscape Personality?
  • Step by step how to make a plan
  • Plant selection
  • How to mulch, water and keep those plants alive
  • Outdoor living extras such as lighting, furniture, and water features.


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