Bring on the heat, 8 ways to heat your outdoor living spaces

Heating outdoor spaces

Wood Burning:

Built in Fireplaces: The indoor fireplace brought outdoors. There are many options for these built ins like adjacent to a covered seating area, tucked into a corner of a patio space or even incorporated into a bonco seating area. For these it’s great to have an area for wood storage nearby so you are more likely to use it. Outdoor fireplaces warm up a large space nicely when surrounded by a wall or under a covered structure.

Open Fire pit: Traditional camping fire pit either set in the ground or on a fire dish above the ground. Add some wood logs, light and enjoy. Douse with water when finished using.

Smokeless Fire pit: Solo Stove and Breeo are two popular brands both made in the USA. These portable smokeless wood burning firepits are trending in 2020. They are exactly as advertised. They are easy to light, burn for a long time and yes, pretty much smokeless. You can’t douse these like a normal wood burning fire pit so you’ll need to wait for it to burn down completely before retiring indoors.

Chiminea: Traditional southwest wood burning fireplace typically made of terracotta. These burn hot and fast, smoke leaves out the top making it easier to sit around. These modern metal ones are gorgeous with or without fire.

Propane/electric heaters:

Restaurant Style upright propane heaters: These are great at heating up an outdoor space. Put a few around the space in a triangle and you’ve got a nice cozy area to entertain outdoors. These have been hard to find this year in 2020 due to the increase in the need for outdoor dining, but keep checking popular websites because they are re-stocking all the time.

Electric fan heaters: A simple plug in heater that heats a small area. Great for keeping the chill off during a work phone call on you backard table or a coffee break on the porch.

Portable Propane heater: Typically used for camping, hunting and tailgating, this little heater is so portable it can be brought anywhere. It runs on little camping propane canisters. My kids take it into their outdoor fort and bring it to their backyard online learning pods.

Portable Propane fire pit: A portable firepit that runs off propane. This can be used to huddle around for tailgating, during lunch breaks at ski areas in the Covid days or just on your backyard patio. Heck, it’s portable so you can easily bring it on your frontyard patio as well! Consistent and predictable heat.

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