All Natural Holiday Wreath

With all of us limiting our footprint this year due to the pandemic, I wanted to keep my holiday wreath simple and create one that could take me through all the seasons. Cause, let’s be honest….simple and long lasting is a win for my schedule right now due to three kids doing online learning plus two parents trying to work full time jobs without too many all nighters.

In the beginning of the pandemic my son and I used to walk around the neighborhood colleting natural items that we could use in art projects. We found the motherload of seed pods under a trumpet vine plant in a neighbors front yard. We’ve gone through many this past summer making canoes, and catamarans but there were still many left. BINGO. I found those in the craft closet and knew I could make them into something cool.

How to make an all natural wreath:


  1. circular wreath from a craft store or you can make one out of a cardboard box. (I happened to have this one lying around from last year.)
  2. hot glue gun
  3. natural materials: I used the trumpet vine seed pods and dehydrated orange/lime slices (I had dried up ones lying around that we were headed to the compost.)
  4. needle and thread for hanging fruit slices
  5. string for hanging wreath

Glue natural materials to the wreath, thread fruit slices and hang on wreath. Tie a loop out of the string and hang on a hook!

Cool thing about this wreath is you can change out the decorative piece and add new ones to match each season. Berries for Christmas, green leaves for spring, fruit slices for fall and plain for winter. Win Win!

So, what type of wreath will you be hanging this year?

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