DIY a Hose Watering System

The most efficient way to water your yard is by using an automatic system. Hand watering can be problematic because it can lead to inconsistent watering, causing you to overwater, underwater, or forget to water altogether. If you are ready to invest in a more efficient irrigation system, a Water … [Read more...]

The First Freeze: Prep Now

It's late October of 2020, it's been an exhausting year there is an election in a little over a week and Albuquerque is about to have it's FIRST FREEZE of the season. You'll want to PREP NOW with the simple tips below: 1. Disconnect the water supply to your watering system a. If you … [Read more...]

Countdown to Spring Event 2020

It’s that time of year again, time to begin thinking about SPRING! Every year at this time I teach homeowners how to prepare their yards for Spring! ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED? As you know, I strive to keep gardening and yard work to a minimal (whose got time for yard work?) and I believe that in … [Read more...]

Help, My Trees Need Pruning

The winter is best time of year to prune trees, learn how to choose the best professional to prune your trees. This isn't an every year kind of thing but keep reading to learn more. I wrote this article originally for the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority over on … [Read more...]

Leaves for the Landscape

Let falling leaves lie. The leaves that fall on the dirt, grass, or planting beds. Just leave them be and only rake up the ones on the concrete sidewalks and patios. {not up for raking, then grab a blower and blow them away}. Alright, perhaps you have a little bit more time on your hands, in … [Read more...]

Fall Maintenance for Albuquerque Landscapes

This article was originally posted for, it is being re-published here for your use. I had the pleasure of interviewing Wes Brittenham for this article, check out how much fun we had. Getting a Tour of Los Poblanos with Wes! 505Outside sat down with local landscape expert Wes … [Read more...]

What are high efficiency rotary nozzles and why should you use them in your lawn?

Grass lawns in the greater Albuquerque area require supplemental irrigation in order to survive our high desert climate. Most residential landscapes are watered by pop up spray heads with conventional nozzles, as pictured below. Pop up spray head This article was originally published on … [Read more...]