Leaves for the Landscape

Let falling leaves lie. The leaves that fall on the dirt, grass, or planting beds. Just leave them be and only rake up the ones on the concrete sidewalks and patios. {not up for raking, then grab a blower and blow them away}. Alright, perhaps you have a little bit more time on your hands, in … [Read more...]

5 Sustainable tips you can do today!

  Sustainable Tips to start right now! Snack and Food storage: Reuse your plastic ziplock bags by washing them out. Water re-use: Use a bucket to collect your bath/shower water while you are waiting for the water to warm up.  Then use that water to water your plants, mop your house, … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Brown, green and greywater

My side garden in Albuquerque, NM that is watered entirely by greywater. An inside look at the greywater plumbing behind the washing machine. The plumbing as it exits the house. Here is one method for installing a greywater system from the washing machine sewer drain pipe to your yard. … [Read more...]

The easiest waste free lunch on the planet.

Planet Box lunch box made packing lunches super easy all last school year. I'm looking forward to another great zero waste lunch year! It’s school time which means sack lunches.  Try packing your own WASTE FREE lunch.  It’s good for your pocketbook, waistline and the planet. The average … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: See the new in the old.

  Do you have old garden tools lying around that have lost their handles? There are many ways to re-purpose old tools. Like this old rake into tool hanger. Handle-less shovels become little diggers  in my compost piles. You could also arrange them as sculpture on a bare wall. Either way, … [Read more...]