The easiest waste free lunch on the planet.

602Planet Box lunch box made packing lunches super easy all last school year. I’m looking forward to another great zero waste lunch year!

It’s school time which means sack lunches.  Try packing your own WASTE FREE lunch.  It’s good for your pocketbook, waistline and the planet. The average disposable “brown bag” lunch creates between 4 and 8 ounces of garbage. That can add up to as much as 100 pounds per year. Prepackaged and processed foods contain excess packaging and are up to 25 percent more expensive.
Here are some tips to packing a lunch with minimal waste:

  1. Skip the brown bag, plastic wrap, zip lock bags, and foil. Try wrap n mat or make your own with oil cloth, food grade plastic and some Velcro find pattern here.
  2. Bring your own thermos or water bottle instead of a juice box.
  3. Choose reusable cutlery. (your cutlery from home, you know you have unmatched ones lying around taking up space)
  4. Skip individual bags and buy in bulk. Buying your snacks in bulk from the bins at the grocery store is typically cheaper and produces way less packaging. Or make your own! 
  5. BEST LUNCH BOX EVER: The Planet Lunch Box. Yes, I’ve fallen in love with this lunch box. Aside from being zero waste it’s simplified morning lunch production. And with three kids, that’s huge. I have the Rover which is perfect for my 6 year old. 

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