Countdown to Spring Event 2020

It’s that time of year again, time to begin thinking about SPRING! Every year at this time I teach homeowners how to prepare their yards for Spring! ARE YOU READY TO GET STARTED?

As you know, I strive to keep gardening and yard work to a minimal (whose got time for yard work?) and I believe that in the Southwest heavy yard work happens only two time a year. The first is in late October when we prep for Winter and the second time is NOW when we Countdown to Spring.

Do you ever wonder how your neighbors yard always looks so good? Do you want to enjoy your yard when springtime comes and not be wondering if you missed that tree pruning window again?

We all want a maintenance free yard, but in truth we know that’s not entirely possible with mother nature. Maintaining your yard doesn’t have to be so complicated……

This year I would like to invite you to join me as I prep my yard for SPRINGTIME!

Join me as we Countdown to Spring!

I'll help you get your YARD ready for outdoor fun this Spring!

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