Local Nursery Operating Updates

There has been a lot of changes with the plant nurseries in town as they pivot to work with the changing times. I know the weekend is coming and many of you may be anxious to get over to the nurseries so you can get planting in your yard. Please note a few things before you go.

1. Follow the directions each nursery has for curbside pick up.

2. Have a list at the ready before you order or call the nurseries. (If you need help creating a plant list, I offer this service! Just email me at jill@landscapecoach.com for more info.)

3. Be patient, nurseries are extremely busy right now and they are doing their very best to keep up.

4. Wear a mask and practice social distancing when you do visit the nurseries.

5. Local nurseries are best since they know a lot about adaptive and native plants for New Mexico. Plus they sell many locally grown and well adapted plants.

Check out what each nursery is doing below:

Rehms Nursery  http://www.rehmsnurserynm.com/

We are open Monday-Saturday 9-3 for curbside pickup.

How to place a curb-side order! We are currently accepting orders through our email at HAYMANNURSERY@QWESTOFFICE.NET for general orders (veggies, houseplants, annuals, trees, garden products, etc) or REHMSROSES@YAHOO.COM specifically for roses. In your order please be sure to let us know what plant or product you are looking for, along with quantity, size, variety, or color if applicable. YOU MUST INCLUDE A WORKING PHONE NUMBER IN YOUR EMAIL.
We will respond to all orders by phone to confirm the order and take payment. We can only take credit or debit cards over the phone at this time. If you do not include a phone number in your email, expect to wait a bit longer on a response via email.

We are trying to streamline this process as much as possible, so please, contact us with the exact plants you are looking for. “A sun loving perennial” is very vague and there are so many options it can be difficult for us to fulfill. Even the slightest bit more info (ie yellow flowers, or 2 ft total growth) can really help us out with picking the best plant for you!

Please send one email with all of your requests. We are receiving many repeat emails, or multiple emails from one person with many different requests in each email. This can be very confusing for us, and has been frustrating for customers. On a similar note, we are asking that you make sure you have requested everything you need before you get here, as we typically are not adding anything to orders after payment over the phone. Orders must be paid for before you arrive for pickup.

Please, please, please DO NOT CALL TO SEE IF WE GOT YOUR EMAIL. We only have 2 phone lines, and we need to keep them open to call customers about their orders, and for customer to call us to let us know they are ready for loading.

Last, but certainly not least, please be aware that for most orders we cannot fulfill those orders and have you pick them up same day. Most customers have been scheduled for pick up about 2 days after we contact you for payment. We are scheduling people at 15 min intervals 9-3 Mon-Sat to squeeze as many pickups into each day as we can, so hopefully you can start to get an idea of just how many orders we’re processing!

Your patience and business is much appreciated right now, you’re keeping us all busy and we love it!

Jericho Nursery   https://www.jerichonursery.com/

Curbside Ordering and Pickup
will be a limit to the daily call-in pick up orders. When we’ve reached the limit, you’ll need to wait until the next day.We really need you to pick up your online/call-in orders within 48 hours.
We will need you to come with a list for us to pull your order. You may add onto your list, but we can’t have you pull in without one….so make a list!
We will have the ability to book an appointment on our website so you can pull in with your list and we will carhop it right to your vehicle!

Plants of the Southwest  https://plantsofthesouthwest.com/

Curbside pick-up is available. Starting Tuesday, April 28, call or email an order between 10 and 3, Tuesday-Saturday. We’ll call you back with a total and schedule a delivery time. We’ll be closed on Sunday and Monday to receive deliveries and water plants. We won’t be answering the phone on those days.

We hope to be fully reopened by early May, so be patient with us while we try this new way of doing business. Seeds can still be ordered and shipped from the website.

For your patronage and patience we Thank You!

Alameda Greenhouse https://alamedagreenhouseabq.com/index.html

We are open per usual. We have a large variety of edible plants. Please be curtious, wear a mask and practice social distancing. Open Monday thru Sunday From: 9:00am-5:30pm

Osuna Nursery   http://osunanursery.com/

1. Submit your request at http://osunanursery.com/pickup-delivery/ or e-mail order@osunanursery.com.
2. We will call you to confirm your order and take payment.
3. Pickup your order on your scheduled day!

NOTE: Phone ordering is reserved for our customers without computer access, Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. If you can order online or by e-mail, please do. It frees up our phone lines to process orders quicker! 

Plant World  https://plantworldinc.com/

Covid-19 restrictions prevent us from offering you the outdoor shopping experience, at this time. ON-LINE ordering, for curbside pick-up or delivery for all Landscape Pro’s and Club Members is available. Please use the Contact Us on our website for questions or additional assistance. We will do our very best to meet your needs. Thank you, from the entire Plant World family.

Santa Ana Garden Center http://www.santaana.org/plants.htm

Call for more information. (505) 867-1322, Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

Albuquerque Water Gardens https://albuquerquewatergardens.com/

We are open for curbside pickup!! WE have some great hanging baskets, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. Call to find out more.

Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Albuquerque-Water-Gardens-and-Nursery-266562413354/

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