Ready set BOMB….Guerilla Gardening Made Easy with DIY seed bombs.


seedbombsgiftsVacant lots run rampant throughout cities. Additionally, the bland brownscape of the Southwest could use some revamping. Why not liven up your neighborhood lot with a seed bomb?

What is a Seed Bomb?

Not only did the 70’s bring us disco, lava lamps and Happy Faces; the oil crisis along with anti­war sentiments from a mindful younger generation encouraged at­ home food production to lessen dependency on foreign oil. In New York City, a group of garden activists calling themselves the “Green Guerillas” were throwing seed bombs in empty lots and wasteland, one of which grew into a still­ blooming community garden.


How To Make One

670The materials.


  1. Clay for moisture retention and structure {It’s best to use a local variety, if possible!}
  2. Compost to provide nutrients and moisture retention {Even from your own compost pile}
  3. Seeds for the plants themselves. {Head to your local nursery and pick up some biome-appropriate seeds!}
  4. Water for dipping hands and wetting the clay.

671Many hands make light work.


  1. Mix 3 parts clay with 1 part compost, 1 part seed and a small amount of water enough to make it malleable.
  2. Mix ingredients together by hand. When you think you are done, mix again until you get an even consistency.
  3. Let ’em dry {this should take about 5 hours in an arid climate) { short on time, then dry them out in the oven set to 200 F.

Making these can be a great activity for kids of all ages!

672Want to give these out as gifts? Then add a “loom” rubber band {they come in all colors} and a cute label.

These make great gifts for the Holiday Season, deliver them individually with a cute label show above or package up a bunch in a little muslin bag.

Disclaimer: Brown, green & more is not liable for consequences incurred by the location of the seed­bomb dispersal { but who could have a problem with gorgeous greenery growing uninhibited?} Bombs away…

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