Tuesday Garden To Dos: May


tomatotodosWatering: Spot water new plants daily. Roots should take after about 2 weeks. Try tugging on the plant gently to see if the roots have taken. If so, you can go to watering 3 times a week. Remember to check all your irrigation parts and pieces this month. This will ensure efficient water use throughout the summer.

Pruning: Prune small following shrubs as they finish blooming. Cut back any chrysanthemum plants to encourage larger, bushier plants and blooms in the fall.

Vegetables: Tomatoes are by far the best veggie for Albuquerque. If you would like to try veggie gardening this year try tomatoes. Mid to late May is the best time to plant to prevent damage from frost. Choose a 12” or taller plant, remove lower leaves, and lay the plant in the hole with some of the stem in the hole.

Planting: There are lots of plant sales this month. Get planting! For natives, I recommend Plants of the Southwest or Plant World. Happy Planting!!

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