Tuesday Garden To Dos: May

  Watering: Spot water new plants daily. Roots should take after about 2 weeks. Try tugging on the plant gently to see if the roots have taken. If so, you can go to watering 3 times a week. Remember to check all your irrigation parts and pieces this month. This will ensure efficient water … [Read more...]

The first snow….

November typically brings with it the first snow here in Albuquerque, and this year it has already happened twice! This is exciting for us ski enthusiasts. We watch the weather and the mountains beginning with the first snowfall until the last bit melts away. With snow comes freezing … [Read more...]

and more…. the creativity doesn’t stop at Landscape Design.

 Professionally, I am a Landscape Architect and I love every minute of it. Fortunately, my love for creating beautiful things doesn't stop there. Check out a recent party I put together for my youngest sons first birthday on a fun blog site called delineateyourdwelling.     … [Read more...]