Winter Garden TO DO List:

As if you didn’t have enough to do to prepare for the Holidays, it’s actually a fun time of year to dream about your garden. Check out the tips below.

1. Add new mulch where needed. (get FREE mulch! Most cities have recycling tree programs, these programs chip up the trees and provide free of charge to the community to use as mulch. Find the City of Albuquerque’s program here.

2. It’s time to decide what SEED CATALOGS you want to peruse this year. Visit this site to choose your favorites. 

3. Decorate with PRUNINGS from your garden. Anything with berries or dried seed heads will look great. 

4. Keep your bird drinkers FULL of water. 

5. WATER everything in your yard once deeply. 

6. Unless the ground is frozen, now is a good time to TRANSPLANT alyssum, calendula, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, dianthus, Iceland poppies, johnnie jump-ups, pansies and sweet peas. 

6. While drinking your tea from your cozy home peek outside at your garden to see what areas of the yard might need more winter interest next year. It’s spring DREAMING time!! Let your imagination run wild. Need help making your dreams a reality? Email me for a garden consult. 

Parts of this blog post were taken from
Parts of this blog post were taken from “Down to Earth, A Gardners guide to the Albuquerque Area.” by Albuquerque Area Extension Master Gardeners. 

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