Tuesday Tip: Mom needs a Container Garden!


  • Container gardening adds seasonal variety and brings in the colors your missing from your yard.
  • Container gardens provide annual color to landscapes between perennial bloom cycles.
  • Use sculptural evergreen plants such as Agave, Yucca, and topiary juniper to provide winter interest.
  • Branches and other decorative items arranged in containers add year-round interest.
  • Containers provide planting space in small areas such as courtyards and balconies.
  • Experimenting with new plant combinations in containers won’t bust the budget.
  • Use plants in containers that are hard to control if planted in a bed, such as Bamboo, Virginia Creeper, Mint and Mexican Evening Primrose.
  • Most container gardens can be mobile- move them around based on your needs. Front patio for a neighborhood meet and great and backyard for an outdoor dinner.

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