DISC ROPE SWING, best toy for outdoor fun!



Discswinghowto 640I made one of these two summers ago for my kiddos to use in the front yard. It’s been a kid magnet since then and has provided dozens of kids hours of fun. I was shocked at how something so inexpensive and easy to make would be so enjoyable. Learn how to make one below and bring hours of fun to your yard!


  • Plywood {at least 3/4″}
  • Rope {about 3/4″, should be able to hold 200lbs}
  • Wood Sealant {I use Minwax:  Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane}


  • Sponge brush {1 or 2″}
  • Sandpaper {80 grit will sand down edges and prep wood for sealant}
  • Jigsaw {a power tool used for cutting curves}
  • Drill with a wood drill bit large enough to fit the rope through. {3/4″ should work for most}


  1. Draw a 12″ diameter circle onto plywood. {find a stool, plate or lid to trace around or locate the center of the circle and use a tape measure or 12″ string to measure around} {12″ has been the perfect size for kids ages 2-15!
  2. Using the jigsaw cut a 12″ diameter circle out of the plywood. {We have a jig made to help us cut clean circles. No need to make a perfect circle, the kiddos won’t mind}
  3. Drill a hole the size of your rope into the center of the swing.
  4. Sand down the edges of the plywood until smooth. Sand down the surface of the plywood to allow for sealant to grip.
  5. Using your sponge brush apply sealant to plywood to protect the wood from the elements making sure to get all surfaces and edges including the center hole. {4-8 coats is recommended depending on your climate, follow directions on the product}
  6. Once dry, insert rope into hole and tie off with knots.
  7. Hang swing from tree making sure to test and adjust height as necessary. You can always make more knots below the swing as kids grow.
  8. Let’s SWING!

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