Summer’s coming…are you ready for the kids!

It’s summer, “go outside and play”


664Kids and their “free time”.  Where did it go?  Longer school days and more homework, structured activities, “playdates”, and screen time. 

So why did everyone play outside decades ago and no one does it now?  Neighborhoods are DEAD. Kids need other kids to play with. They can’t play “kick the can” by themselves. But with all the distractions, noise, and activities it’s harder to find the actual kids. Right?  Decades ago, there were fewer distractions, kids were told to go out and play and if no one was outside they’d just knock on doors and make it happen. By the time the kiddos came out to play they’d have invested so much time and energy into finding the kids they’d figure out what to play. The play would be so much fun that the next day the kids were likely to go outside and do it again. So when parents today tell their kids to “go outside and play” they are remembering their fun summer days. But it’s not that easy today. Parents have to actually aid the kids a little bit more these days to get the play going.  Below are a few techniques to get kids outside playing.

1. Meet the neighbors.

2. Meet their kids.

3. Share responsibilities.

4. Bring play into your front yard. Play begets Play.


665The benefits of getting kids outside are unmatched. Kids learn skills like socialization, problem solving, decision making, leadership, and reasoning.

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