My Maintenance Month: Final tasks (garden clean up)

    The final task is to lay down a PRE-EMERGENT on my native grass lawns to prevent weed germination. I use the brand, Concern Weed Prevention Plus, it is a natural product using corn gluten meal to create a weed prevention fertilizer. Here is a little bit more information on the … [Read more...]


  Why do we prune? 1.      To maintain the health of your plants. 2.      To direct growth 3.      To remove undesirable growth 4.      To increase quality or yield of flowers or fruit. 5.      To maintain safety 6.   To create hedges or topiary First off we need the right … [Read more...]

Step by Step: My Maintenance Month

  February is the busiest month in my yard and unfortunately it's also a crazy month in  my family. For being the shortest month, we have two kiddo birthdays, Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day and skiing. Phew. But back to maintaining the yard during my maintenance month. Step by step the … [Read more...]

Are my plants dead?

Sculptural elements like this prickly pear and metal garden orb take center stage on cold winter days. These plants are "tucked" in for the winter months. Fall is a good time to tuck in your plants and leave them until spring. Are my plants dead? This is one of the most popular questions I get … [Read more...]