MMMbannerpruneWhy do we prune?

1.      To maintain the health of your plants.

2.      To direct growth

3.      To remove undesirable growth

4.      To increase quality or yield of flowers or fruit.

5.      To maintain safety

6.   To create hedges or topiary

First off we need the right tools. Here’s my top three add a pair of gloves and you are golden.

1.      Bypass pruning shears. Your basic pruning tool, use this for perennials, grasses and most shrubs.

2.      Pruning lopping shears. Use this for larger woody shrubs, and small trees.

3.      Sawzall electric saw. Equipped with a wood blade this tool makes quick work of most branches and small trunks without having to use a chainsaw.


BrowngreenmorepruningtoolsNext up, do it right! Here are some good techniques.

Cut out dead, diseased and crossing branches first; then prune to shape. Prune pomegranate, wisteria, summer blooming spireas, and nandina. Shrubs like Chamisa, butterfly bush, Russian sage, and ornamental grasses (except blue fescue) can be pruned almost to the ground. Remove the spent flower and seed heads on Red Yuccas and other similar plants. Save the seeds and share with friends. DO NOT prune spring flowering ornamentals or grapes and roses yet.


pruning red yucca, trim off seed pods. then shake seed pods into a paper bag and save for spring planting. More over at

you can prune blue grama or similar native grass with a simple hand pruner or a weed whacker. for large areas i use a weed whacker to speed up the process. check out

diy pruning of ornamental grasses, you can prune threadgrass with a hand pruner or a weed whacker. prune to about 3-4

530 531Enjoy that sun but don’t get too excited for spring cause it’s still winter and the next frost is right around the corner.

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