My Maintenance Month: Final tasks (garden clean up)



526527The final task is to lay down a PRE-EMERGENT on my native grass lawns to prevent weed germination. I use the brand, Concern Weed Prevention Plus, it is a natural product using corn gluten meal to create a weed prevention fertilizer. Here is a little bit more information on the product. I spread this product by hand broadcasting per the recommended quantity as per directions. Wet the area where you distributed the pre-emergent then wait until Spring.

528I typically finish all these tasks by mid march. This allows me a few weeks to plan out my veggie garden, and start my seeds.

What are you ‘re pre-Spring garden tasks? Inquiring minds want to know!!  Please share in the comments below.

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With only 23 days left until Spring there are still a few things left on My Maintenance Month list for those of us in the Southwest. (Those of you with snow on the ground, hang tight, and take this LANDSCAPE PERSONALITY QUIZ to get you started)

We’ve talked about picking the best garden TOOLS and learned how to PRUNE trees and shrubs. What’s left is GARDEN CLEAN-UP. Since I don’t do any leaf raking in the fall, garden cleanup can be laborious, I typically get about 11 bags of green waste.

My biggest task is raking. I use my wire rake to clean up leaves and debris around all perennial beds, shrubs and native grass lawns. After saving a bunch of debris for my compost the rest is bagged and put aside for my City Spring Green Waste Pick-up.

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