Are my plants dead?

Sculptural elements like this prickly pear and metal garden orb take center stage on cold winter days. These plants are “tucked” in for the winter months. Fall is a good time to tuck in your plants and leave them until spring.

536Are my plants dead? This is one of the most popular questions I get during the winter months. Winters can be hard on plants and yes at times it does appear like our plants are dead.

Don’t let them fool you, the plants are resting and will be back in spring. This is one reason I like to “tuck” my plants in for the winter with a covering of leaves. Aside from making them cozy, the leaf cover reminds me that they are dormant and that I need not worry about them.

When plants fade over the winter months the hardscape elements often become the focus of the landscape. To counter the winter garden blues, incorporate local materials that take center stage when plants disappear. Garden walls, gates, gravel mulches, paving, boulders, and decorative concrete finishes are examples of hardscape elements that can create structure, and add color and texture to your garden.

537538Solar lights become sculptural elements during the winter months in the garden. Hardscape elements like this flagstone pathway providing winter interest.


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