Gifts for the Plant Nerd

Every year I pull together a fun plant gift for my kiddos teachers, we’re going on 8 years and counting. Some teachers we’ve had multiple times. I sure hope their not getting tired of our plant gifts.

This year, we re-potted spider plants into little terracotta pots that I found at the thrift store. I hope they’ll be a hit being indoor plants are trending these days!

Spider babies as teacher gifts.

The cool thing about spider plants is that the master plant sends off shoots with little babies on them so it’s easy to grab new ones for pots. I will say, it took about 4 months to make enough babies from my master plant.

The mother spider plant.

That’s our 2019 teacher gifts, here is a look at some from years past.

BULBS are always a winner, you need to start them many weeks ahead of time but they are fantastic gifts.

Paperwhite bulbs starts in recycled glass and glass vases from the thirft store.

SEED BOMBS / BALLS as gifts are one of my specialities, I’ve taken a few years off from giving these cause I think people were getting tired of them. (or perhaps I was getting tired of making them. Who knows 😉

Seed Balls as gifts.

BOUQUET GARNI This lovely little sachel of herbs makes a great natural gift for food lovers on your list.

Bouquet Garni

The gift ideas are endless, happy gifting to you and yours!

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