A Green Hostess Gift


556Bouquet garni is an herb bundle used to flavor soups, stews, and even turkeys! It is cooked with other ingredients but it is removed before consumption. It is typically made with herbs like sage and thyme. It’s a lovely fragrant gift for a friend who loves to cook.

I’ve made mine with oregano, rosemary and sage. These herbs were still going strong in my garden, so it was the perfect time to trim them before the hard freezes set in. You’ll want to cut a handful of herbs and tie them together in a bundle with baker’s twine. Wrap them in parchment or butcher paper then washi tape it closed. {washi tape is colorful paper tape you can find at most stores}. Deliver these to your friends and neighbors a few days before the Holiday meal.

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What easy Green gifts are you making this year? Share below and to learn more about Sustainable Design ideas check out my Facebook Page where I share daily goodies and tid bits.

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