DIY Seed Ball Ornaments


sustainablegiftsSBOThis year I’ve added a little twist to my seed bombs by turning them into ornaments to hand out as Christmas presents. Here is what you’ll need.


  1. Clay for moisture retention and structure. You can use Crayola self drying clay or potters clay found at most local craft store.
  2. Compost to provide nutrients and moisture retention {Even from your own compost pile}
  3. Seeds for the plants themselves. {Head to your local nursery and pick up some biome-appropriate seeds!}
  4. Water for dipping hands and wetting the clay.

IMG_0305  manyhandsseedbomb


  1. Mix 3 parts clay with 1 part compost, 1 part seed and a small amount of water enough to make it malleable.
  2. Mix ingredients together by hand. When you think you are done, mix again until you get an even consistency.
  3. Grab a skewer or toothpick and stick a hole through the center.
  4. Let ’em dry {this should take about 5 hours in an arid climate) { short on time, then dry them out in the oven set to 200 F.
  5. Thread a pretty ribbon, bakers twine, or string through the hole to complete the seed ball ornament.

Be sure to include a little note or tag on the seed bomb with simple planting directions. After the Holidays these can be placed an inch down into the soil. The seed ball ornament will decompose by spring just in time for the seeds to germinate.  

SBmaterials IMG_9912





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