January Dreaming

With the new decade upon us, many people are thinking about starting afresh and reflecting back on the last 10 years. I’m sort of on that tract but just a few weeks behind on fully diving into it all. I did manage to pull together some fun blog posts to start the year off right.

As I do every January, now is a very dormant time in your yard and you literally have NOTHING to do (accept water your trees if there isn’t enough precipitation). So, it’s a great time to do some dreaming and research those new ideas you want to try this year (or new decade).

Have trouble identifying plants? We’ve got an app for that!

Have you ever wished you could take a picture of a plant and have the intenet identify it for you? Then keep reading.   

Help, my trees need pruning!

The winter is the best time to prune trees because they are dormant and it’s easier to identify which branches need trimming. See how an arborist can help you check this task off your list with ease.

Are you starting to design your yard for the Spring? Then you’ll want these tips below.

FREE Design Style Tips!

Check out these 5 different design styles and how you can incorporate them into your yard.

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