Welcome FALL!

    Welcome FALL! I'm excited to fall into this new season of life and business. It's one of my most favorite times of the year because it is by far THE BEST TIME TO PLANT IN YOUR GARDEN! Yep, that's exactly what I said. FALL not SPRING is the best time to plant. I'm presently … [Read more...]

Last Day of Summer!

  Today we enjoy the last day of Summer and we welcome Fall this weekend. I am feeling reminiscent of all the beautiful blooms this past summer. The bountiful harvest of apricot, cherry's, and peaches that were thoroughly enjoyed. I'm remembering all the trees we took refuge under … [Read more...]

Easy herbs for New Mexico

Great herbs for New Mexico New Mexico is a great environment for planting herbs. And the uses for them are innumerable. My biggest tip is to put the annual herb plants in pots and the herb perennials in the ground. A few ideas to try: The annuals such as basil, dill, cilantro and some … [Read more...]

Happy May Day!

Let's bring back May Day! Have you heard of it? In the 19th and 20th Centuries May 1st was a day for spreading joy and love to your neighbors. There are many ways people spread love and friendships but all of them included flowers. Rightly so being in most places in America the flowers are now … [Read more...]

Soil Secrets Revealed

How is your soil looking? No really, I want you to think about the health of your soil. Soil is practically what makes or breaks our gardens. I know this sounds dramatic but check out this simple example in regards to how a soil can effect stormwater runoff and absorption.   What makes great … [Read more...]

Happy First Day of Spring!!

  I'm thrilled to be the first to wish you a Happy First Day of Spring! Yahoo, we've made it. Can it really be Springtime? I've been counting down and taking care of all my gardening tasks so that my yard will be ready for all the outdoor fun. The best thing to happen this Spring, my … [Read more...]