Our favorite evergreens.

When we think of the word evergreen, many of us think about pine trees, cedars and junipers. However, an evergreen is simply any plant that remains green all year long. These plants are welcome fixtures in our winter landscapes, too. 505Outside highlights these essential elements of the greater Albuquerque area landscape by asking local plant experts which ones they love. Below are some of their favorites.

Arizona Rosewood, Vauquelinia californica
Pointleaf Manzanita, Arctostaphylos pungens
Prickly pear, Opuntia engelmannii engelmann

When the last of the yellow and purple perennial colors fade away in the fall, these (and other) evergreen plants provide the structure that holds landscapes together through the winter months. Don’t forget to include evergreen plants in your landscape for year-round interest.

Author: Jill Brown, ASLA Landscape Architect and owner of My Landscape Coach in Albuquerque, NM. Local Experts: Patrick Chavez, Trees of Corrales; Will Moses, Groundwork Studio; Judith Phillips, Design Oasis

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