Christmas Trees: Live container tree vs. Cut tree

Have you ever thought about buying a live Christmas tree in it's container for the holiday instead of a cut tree? I don't know how many people wonder about buying a real Christmas tree each years in lieu of a cut tree. But it's crossed my mind many times. I've done it in the past only to have the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Species

Do you get a live cut Christmas tree every year? Or are you an artificial tree diehard? I grew up in an artificial tree family. I barely think it crossed my mind when I was young. I recall just being interested in the presents. As I got into high school I was obsessed with 'saving the earth', I also … [Read more...]

First Freeze is Lurking

The first freeze is upon us or is it? The weather is looking good for the next few days in Albuquerque. In fact we still haven't had our first freeze. But it's looking like temperatures might drop enough this Saturday night. There is still time to do a few things before the first freeze. Keep … [Read more...]