First Freeze is Lurking

The first freeze is upon us or is it?

The weather is looking good for the next few days in Albuquerque. In fact we still haven’t had our first freeze. But it’s looking like temperatures might drop enough this Saturday night.

There is still time to do a few things before the first freeze. Keep reading for the tips.

  1. Plant and divide any perennials you’ve been meaning to get in the ground or move.
  2. Deeply water all your plants this week so they are prepped and ready to set deep roots for winter. Those deep roots will set up and work hard growing all winter long so come Spring they are ready to set forth and shine. As long as the weather is warm, I like to deeply water my perennial beds once a week.
  3. Soil preparation. Now is a great time to get your soil prepped for Springtime. One of the most simplest ways you can do that is by placing a 1-2″ layer of compost over areas in your garden where you want to encourage better growth. I like to put it in between plants. Do you have bare dirt in your yard? Adding a 1-2″ layer of compost over bare dirt will help prepare the soil for Spring. You can get even fancier by breaking up the dirt, adding compost then seeding it with a winter cover crop. (try diakon Radish or winter rye.)  You can purchase compost from local plant nurseries, and mulch suppliers such as Soilutions in Albuquerque.
Fall transplanting of woolly lambs ear.
Daikon radish does all the hard work of making great soil.
Deeply water fall plants to encourage deep rooting.











These are just a few tricks you can do over the next few weeks while our temperatures stay warm. This small bit of preparation will reap huge benefits come Spring.

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