Well, its here, SPRING that is. Everyone on the East Coast has been waiting for this day for a long time. (Not that it means it’s actually warm everywhere).

Most people have certain signs that remind them it’s time for spring. Like the bright yellow flowers on the forsythias or yellow daffodil bundles for sale around town. It may even be as simple as warmer temperatures and longer days. Or perhaps all the outdoor furniture for sale. (I’ll have a post on that soon!!)

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For me the signs of spring are slightly different. You’d think it would be the first tulips of the season or the blossoms of the cherry trees. Nope, it’s simply SLUSH. Yep, that slushy mess of snow up at the ski areas, snow heavy enough to slow you down yet soft enough to make for perfect carving on the moguls. Ahh slushy bumps! The change of the seasons is bittersweet. It’s the end of weekly family ski trips and the beginning of long days spent outside playing in the garden.

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