Oh yeah…It’s my BIRTHDAY!

It's my birthday and every year I reflect on the past year and the year to come. {It’s not hard to do since today is the second to last day of the year.} I’m going to let you in on a little secret, 2014 is going to be FANTASTIC! I have a lot planned for Brown, green & more. This will be the … [Read more...]

Outdoor winter entertaining

Puzzled? Seriously, who entertains outside when there is snow on the ground? It just so happens, we do. Spring, Summer and early Fall are my go to months for entertaining ‘cause I’m a landscape architect and I have a huge backyard. Winter is usually off limits for hosting events since I live in … [Read more...]

Knee-deep in snow

It’s official: I am obsessed and giddy about the snow right now. Winter has arrived and is here to stay. These early snowfalls have made for some wonderful family adventures in New Mexico’s snow covered forests.Peace and tranquility come to mind when I look out at the landscape blanketed in white. … [Read more...]