Lazy Winter Garden Prep


WinterprepIt’s that time of year, the leaves are falling and you’re going to need to do something with them if only just to get them off your walkway. This year with three kids {under 6} and a business to keep up with I’m choosing the Lazy Winter Garden Prep approach.


578Let falling leaves lie. The leaves that fall on the dirt, grass, or planting beds. Just leave them be and only rake up the ones on the concrete sidewalks and patios. {not up for raking, then grab a blower and blow them away}. Alright, perhaps you have a little bit more time on your hands, in that case I’d recommend raking all your leaves onto your perennial and shrub beds but be sure to save a bin full of leaves for your compost.


579Prepare for the Winter elements. Please don’t skip this step. The fluctuating temperatures and moisture of Winter can do a number on your outdoor decor. {a little time spent now will save money later}

1. Rain Barrels: Freezing temps can ice these guys up and cause damage to the containers and the valves. Make sure the water is not over 3/4 of the way up.

2. Hoses: Assess all your hoses and check for cracks and leaks, then empty them of all water. Store any unnecessary hoses in a protective place out of the sun over the winter.

3. Wood Furniture: Store small pieces in protective areas, out of the elements. Larger pieces can be protected with covers. If that is not an option you can also reseal them. Just make sure you check the temperatures on the sealant to be sure you are within the temperature window.

4. Compost: Wet and turn your compost bin before the freezing temperatures freeze up your top layer.

5. Water Features: Winterize all water features as per your particular feature. Remember to drain all tubes and hoses of water.

6. Other garden decor: Pillows, Outdoor rugs and Solar lights. Store the pillows and outdoor rugs for the season. This will protect them so they last longer. Clean off all your solar lights, keep the ones out you use the most. You might need to relocate to an area that receives more sun.


580If you are like me you have probably not taken care of your tools all year. Yep, my dirty little secret. In fact, they are covered in dirt right now. Clean and prep your garden tools so they are ready for the spring.  Wash them off with soap and water. Dry thoroughly. Store tools, blades down, in a 5 gallon bucket filled with sand and a 1/2 quart of motor oil or vegetable oil. No bucket or sand? Then wipe down tools with beeswax or mineral oil and store.


581Depending on if you are planting this Winter, veggie garden prep can be as simple as removing old plants and topping garden with a 8″ layer of leaves {or 4″ of wood mulch}. If you’d like to plant, drop in some garlic {it’s easy}.

You have some choices to make when it come with Winter Garden Prep. I’m going to opt for less is more. I’ll save all my Garden prep and pruning for February. Cause I am sure to have more time then. {wink}

How are you prepping your garden this Winter? Share in the comments below.

Your landscape coach,


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