Welcome FALL!



Welcome FALL! I’m excited to fall into this new season of life and business. It’s one of my most favorite times of the year because it is by far THE BEST TIME TO PLANT IN YOUR GARDEN!

Yep, that’s exactly what I said. FALL not SPRING is the best time to plant. I’m presently trying to decide what new plants I’d like to try out to fill in certain spaces in my yard.

We’ve got the entire month of October to get stuff in the ground so you have a week or so to plan it out. I’ll help you out and let you know what I decide to do in my yard.

Here’s to FALL!!! Pumpkin lattes on cool mornings and the lovely smell of the earth as we plant for next season.


Those of us in Albuquerque have had an amazing monsoon season followed by a prolific amount of weeds.

Most of us are NOT in love with the weeds. I’ve heard from so many people that one of their biggest frustrations with their yard is the weeds. These are the same folks who want to be in the yard to RELAX but it’s hard to relax when all you see is weeds. It just looks like WORK. Sound familiar?

Try these little TIPS below so you can actually relax.

1. Set aside 5 minutes a day to weed. It’s therapeutic.

2. Pull weeds after a rain; they come out like butter. For the most stubborn weeds, try using your bare hands for a better grip.

3. If they still don’t budge, dig around the base with a weed tool and pop them out.


Check out some weed tools in these photos!

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