Tuesday Garden To Dos


675Watering: Continue watering 3-4 times per month, especially any newly planted plants and transplants. Now that the change of freezing is behind us, check your irrigation. Examine your controllers, valves, bubblers, spray and emitter heads, to be sure everything is working.

Pruning: Be sure that you are finished pruning roses and grapes by mid-April.

Vegetables: It’s time to prepare your soil for your vegetables. Remove debris and spread compost and manure and gently loosen up the soil with a pitchfork. If you are a risk taker you may try setting out tomatoes, peppers and eggplants but be sure to watch the weather for frost and protect as needed.

Planting: It’s time to plant, now off to the nurseries! Get perennials into the ground before it gets too hot. For foraging plants, strawberries may be planted at any time during the month. Plant raspberries, grapes, and asparagus.

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