Top 5 tips to get your outdoor patio pulled together before July 4th!

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Are you ready for the 4th? First and foremost it’s important to get your outdoor patio area pulled together. With only 4 days to go you don’t have time to wait for the furniture to fall from the sky so NOW is the time to get out there and go shopping because it’s sale time at all the stores as they get rid of all there Summer items to make way for the Fall. I’ve been seeing sales from 20% to as much as 50% off so shop now to get your furniture at a great price.

Below are some of my favorite stores:

West Elm: a mix of modern, contemporary & classic.

Crate and Barrel: sleek lines & contemporary

CB2: very modern & hip

Pottery Barn: classic & traditional

Wayfair: a mix of all styles

Overstock: a mix of all styles, this site typically has good prices for quality items.

Allegroclassics: high end furniture, they have a nice variety of styles.

Restoration hardware: very high quality traditional & classic styles.


Some stores you can go browse in today include:

Pier 1: international, eclectic, classic, traditional

World Market: eclectic, traditional

Home Depot: classic &traditional

Lowes: classic & traditional

Target: modern, classic, & traditional

At Home: modern, eclectic, mid century modern, classic & traditional

Craigs List: they always seem to have something cool for sale up there


My top 5 tips for choosing outdoor furniture for the Southwest:

1. Timeless: Outdoor furniture can be an investment, think of it just as you would your indoor furniture and get pieces that work with your style or a style that is timeless. Don’t rush into buying this furniture; take your time to explore all the options.

2. Durability: For the Southwest climate I recommend metal furniture. Period. Wood furniture tends to have a difficult time without yearly maintenance in our climate. Plastic furniture can also be a good choice, just beware that our intense sun can sometimes discolor or cause it to crack. When shopping around keep in mind the type of sun exposure your furniture will have on a daily basis.

3. Maintenance: Nothing is maintenance free, how much time you need to spend on your outdoor furniture will depend on what you buy. Metal typically lasts a lifetime. I especially like the perforated metal because it doesn’t collect dust as easily as glass top or wood topped tables. It’s important to check your outdoor furniture yearly to make sure it’s in tip top shape. Wood furniture should be re-sealed yearly, pillows

4. Take chances with color: I know this seems exactly opposite of tip #5 but hear me out. Since these pieces are outside you can go a little crazy with color because you will most likely be surrounded by a green palette of plants. A little color never hurt no one, just stay within a complimentary color range.

5. Pillows make it pop: Outdoor pillows are by far the simplest ways to enhance your outdoor living area. There are endless options and they can be found at almost any store. I’ve even seen them at my grocery store. Try to stay within a color range, but go wild with textures, patterns and sizes. It’s best to get pillows especially noted as outdoor pillows because these are made with specially treated fabrics. However, over time these pillows will fade so you can protect them yearly by spraying them with a fabric protection spray such as 303 High Tech Fabric Guard.


Now go relax and enjoy the 4th! Next week, I’ll be sharing my favorite rain barrells for water harvesting off the roof!

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