Top 4 posts of 2017

Last year was a great year for the My Landscape Coach community, we were able to provide a lot of digital and in person education throughout the City of Albuquerque and New Mexico. One of the reasons I started this blog and business was to be able to provide landscape resources and education to homeowners. My goal is to help you unearth your yard’s potential whether you hire me to design your yard or gain the knowledge from the resources on the blog. This year we did just that.

My Landscape Coach partnered with many groups in Albuquerque providing lectures, webinars, garden tours and other learning events around town. We created the Landscape Maintenance Guide designed for New Mexico that tells you exactly what to do in your yard each month and as always we had our big Countdown to Spring event in February where we plan and prep our yard for the Springtime.

Along the way we learned a few fun things on the blog like how to build community by living in your frontyard, easy peasy vegetable gardening, creating shade in your yard and how to make a homemade Christmas wreath.

Top 4 posts of 2017 are below! Check them out to see what they were all about.

  1. FRONT YARD LIVING: I was thrilled to see this post came in as the top blog post of last year. Building community through landscape design has been one of my passions for 20 years. I speak about it constantly, write about it a lot, and test it out in my yard and my clients yard. So far, it continues to amaze me how a simple change in your yard can build long lasting neighborhood bonds. Click the picture below and learn some ideas for your own yard.


2. VEGETABLE GARDENING IN THE SOUTHWEST: Starting a vegetable garden seems as easy as pie, build a raised bed, throw in some soil, pop in the plants, and water. This post teaches you how to pair up your vegetables with complimentary plants to increase their yield and health this year.



Enjoy last years favorites while I work out all those fun posts we’re going to enjoy this year!!

Happy New Year!!

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