The 3 D’s of Landscape Design

1. DOODLE the spaces: First let’s start with the big picture. Public space: accessible and visible to all, Private space: an invitation only space and Utilitarian space: your work and storage space. Go doodle these spaces on your plan.


6772. DRAW the areas: Now break those spaces apart into what types of areas you want in those spaces. For example. Public space: visual curb appeal, shade, privacy. Private space: outdoor dining area, outdoor living room, play area, vegetable garden, flower garden, lawn, shade. Utilitarian space: storage, compost.


6783. DELINEATE the elements: The elements will help scale the space. Let’s say you listed privacy as an area type. Privacy may mean wall, fence, gate, or shrub barrier. An outdoor dining area might consist of a table and 4 chairs. By drilling down from the big picture to the specifics we can figure out the amount of space we need based on the size of the elements. Need ideas? Go back to your Landscape Personality Pinterest page.


679It may also help to compare this exercise to rearranging the furniture in your house, the difference being that you’re outside and the sky is literally the limit.

Simple right, in April we’ll review irrigation, soils, plants and hardscape.

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