Landscape Technique you can do TODAY to get a great yard!


Over the last two weeks we’ve been on a journey to discover the TRUTH about what it takes to get a beautiful yard: low maintenance, weed free and waterwise.

We’ve learned that most people worry about what plants to buy. In fact, I am guilty of this myself.

Buying plants that eventually die is frustrating. Plants are just once piece of the bigger pictures of your overall yard.

Again and again, I’ve seen homeowners struggle to get a beautiful yard. Over time, I’ve found that the single most effective way to get the yard you want is to understand the big picture. Plants are just one piece of the entire yard.

Here is a technique I love to use to get people started, I call it the ‘decluttering technique”.

By decluttering your yard it gives you a new perspective on your yard so you can see it with fresh eyes.

Check out what Janelle discovered. She set out to declutter her yard and after doing the decluttering technique she uncovered a new space for her kids to play. She realized a potential she’d never known possible. For years her kids sandbox was in the back corner of her yard where she’d have to be outside to watch the kiddos. After she cleared out her yard she found a new space for the sandbox, but the best part about it is that now she can see the kids playing while inside the house making dinner. Win Win.

Karen tried this technique and after cleaning out all the unused, unplanted pots off her outdoor patio she realized she could fit her favorite table and chairs on her patio. Now she drinks her morning coffee there.

Another client Stewart, who’s in the construction business, has always collected extra construction materials in his backyard in anticipation of using it ‘one day’. By decluttering his pavers, cinder blocks, and other random items he found a metal box he’d been saving for the ‘one day’. Thing is, he had a landscape planfor his yard so when he saw this box he knew he needed a fire pit and that this box would make for a perfect sized fire pit. By freeing the space up in his backyard it taught him to see the potential in the items he already owned.

Okay, now that you’ve heard about the decluttering technique you’re wondering, “how can I do this myself?”

Here’s how to get started on the decluttering technique.

I’ve already created the exact worksheet you’ll need to get you started. All you have to do is download it here.

As you move through the decluttering process don’t stress if you get hung up on finding a place to put all the items you want to keep. This is normal and can be stressful to think about. This happens to me all the time, just put those items in a nice neat pile. It’s okay if they are visible. As long as they look tidy they won’t clutter up your mind anymore because you’ll know you’ve done the work.

And if you get worried about this don’t worry…that’s normal.

That’s all there is to it. It’s worked for me, it’s worked for Janelle and it can work for you! So take some time this weekend and try out the declutter technique.Download the Free worksheet here.

Now that you’ve tried out the decluttering process, you’re ready to create alandscape plan.

Of course, there’s much more you can do if you want a beautiful yard, far more than I can fit in this email.

Here are some questions to ask yourself after decluttering your yard.

  1. What new possibilities do I see now that I’m not distracted by the junk?
  2. How can I get rid of all those weeds?
  3. Which plants should I choose for this new space in my yard?

If you are interested in finding detailed, step by step answers to these questions, I’ve got news for you. The decluttering technique is only a small preview of a NEW landscape course I’ve put together. The course opens Monday and is perfect for those who want a weed free, waterwise, low maintenance and beautiful yard. Click here to get notified when the course becomes available.

But for now I want to challenge you to do just one thing in the next 3 minutes.

If you are excited about getting your yard looking beautiful post a comment in our facebook group with ONE thing you learned from the decluttering technique. This will help others just like you succeed in getting a beautiful yard.

Post your comment over on the Facebook Group and if you want to hear more about my new course on creating a beautiful yard, sign up here to be notified first.

I can’t wait to hear how the decluttering technique works for you. Get your Decluttering technique download by signing up below.

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