I’m so proud of these homeowners.


The other morning I was walking my dog and had a lovely chat with a neighbor whose yard I’ve idolized from a distance for many years.

I started talking to her about the improvements she’s made in her yard over the years. I still remember when she had a dirt yard with lots of weeds.

She told me how frustrating it was dealing with those WEEDS. She couldn’t handle it anymore, it was depressing to come home every day and see dirt and the unwanted greenery. Whenever she looked at her yard she would think about how much work it would be to pull the weeds. She’d then get discouraged and ignore it.

Finally, enough was enough and she took action.

Now when I look at her yard it is EXACTLY what I envision a xeriscape yard to be. It’s a fully grown in landscaped yard that includes flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers all year.

But that’s not the most impressive thing about it, the most impressive thing about it is that she has NO WEEDS. Yes, it’s possible!

The techniques Renee used can be applied by anyone who wants to achieve a beautifully landscaped yard. In fact, I’ve coached dozens of people with different sized yards, design styles, and varying levels of existing landscape achieve similar results.

  • Weed free
  • Waterwise
  • Low maintenance

Here’s what’s going on in Claire’s yard.

Weeds are one top concern and another is how to choose plants. It’s just all so confusing trying to pick the right ones.

Because we’re confused about what to plant, we can’t take the first step, so we don’t even start. 🙁

Take a look at Claire, a real 40 year old mother of three who lives in Albuquerque. She was tired of spending her limited time reading through plant books, pinning new ideas to Pinterest, and paging through magazines. After all that time spent prepping she still wasn’t confident in her plant choices.

Fast forward… she now has a landscape plan with a clear direction and all the steps necessary to have a beautiful yard.

She knows what her yard is supposed to look like and she chips away at it one project at a time. She has her priorities straight to get the results she was looking for. Claire is implementing her landscape plan at her families pace. Cause ya know there are swim meets to go to and mountains to explore.

She’s happy because her kids have a safe place to play while she and her husband now have a great outdoor living space to BBQ and entertain.

While Claire’s results look remarkable at first glance, these results are not mysteries. The techniques she used can be applied to anyone who wants to achieve a beautiful yard that is weed free, water wise, and low maintenance.

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