How to host a Halloween party and NOT freeze your ass off.

Yes, it’s almost November and the weather is chilly, most outdoor grilling parties have come to a close and moved indoors for tailgating. I’d like us to all go back outdoors for one last bash.

Halloween is a big holiday on our block for both kids and adults. Because Halloween is on a Saturday this year we’ll be closing our block for an all day block party. Each family will participate by hosting a fall carnival game in their yard followed by one big neighborhood scavenger hunt. The excitement and anticipation of this party has brought the kids and families together this past month as they work on creating fun fall carnival games. Working together spurs creativity, friendships and respect.

It’s what I like to call Building Community one piece of candy at a time!

Here’s what I did to prep the front yard for a fun yet cozy party.

1. De-clutter: Clear out those items collecting in the yard and on the front porch that you are not using.

2. Clean it: Grab your leaf blower and blow down the sidewalks, driveway and porch.

3. Light the FIRE PIT: 2 hours ahead of time light the fire pit, this will prep the coals so you have a consistent fire when guests arrive.

4. Provide SEATING: Gather all your patio furniture around the fire. Circular fire pits help you maximize the seating, proximity and therefore warmth.

5. Make it WARM and COZY: Accessorize with colorful pillows, seat cushions, and blankets for aesthetics but mainly for comfort. A barrier between you and the chair adds a level of warmth.

6. Keep it CLOSE: Bring all your beverages, snacks and s’mores outside. Have a table accessible to each chair so guests don’t have to move away from the warm fire to have a drink or bite.

7. Create AMBIANCE: Provide lighting around the perimeter with solar lights, candles or white Christmas lights to set the scene.

Enjoy your party. You’ll wake up the next morning thrilled at how pretty your yard looks, and how much you love your community. Not to mention the peace and quiet you’ll have while your children are off trading candy with the neighborhood kids.


Are you hosting an outdoor Halloween Party? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


Enjoy your Halloween!


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