How to collect seeds!

mexicanhatHow to save seeds, in particular the Mexican hat, Ratibida columnifera. This flower is part of the Sunflower family and it grows from a foot to 18″ tall. It is fast growing and relatively short lived but it reseeds readily. I love this wildflower because it grows well in the High Desert (5,000-7,500 feet in elevation) looking beautiful in perennial border gardens.

My most favorite thing about this flower is how prolifically it reseeds. If you’d like to save the seeds you can cut off the flower top, roll it in your hands and presto the seeds release quite easily. All that is left is to distribute them right there in the garden or save them to share with your friends. {wouldn’t these make a perfect Christmas gift} Sow these seeds this week or wait until March.

577What seeds do you have hiding out in your garden? Comment below or visit my facebook page where I share daily tips and tidbits about Gardening.

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