How I saved a family hundreds of dollars on their yard!

Picture this, you come home from work, the kids jump out of the car and start playing right away in your front yard. They are kicking the soccer ball, swinging on a rope swing, and rolling toy cars up and down the patio. You drop your bags off on the kitchen table, grab some veggies from your garden, chips and salas, then pour yourself a pint of beer.

You’ve got about 20 minutes until dinner is ready in the crockpot, you are unwinding from a busy day, enjoying the fresh air and happy your family has such a lovely place to be. It’s almost like you are on vacation but then you remember it’s your yard.  But guess what, you are NOT a landscape architect, you didn’t know the first thing about landscape architecture six months ago. You couldn’t have dreamed this could be your yard and that YOU created it with the Landscape Design Made Easy online course.

Yep, true story.

Take a look at what that family has done below.

THE BACKGROUND: a cost conscious family of five (5)

THE RESULTS: Designed a landscape plan then broke it down into small achievable DIY projects & Increased usable yard space by 1400 sqft

THE RETURN OF INVESTMENT: For $147 they had a landscape coach in their pocket taking them step-by-step through the design process &.subsequently the entire family is now educated on southwest landscapes. They saved money on choosing plants that will survive in their yard, they came up with ways to reuse materials they already had on site. And by breaking up the construction into manageable phases they were able to save money and DIY the project. (not to mention the increased re-sale value of their home!)


Wondering what this course is all about. Then watch the video below.

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Here’s a little recap of what’s actually in the course.

  • Five (5) online teaching units filled with lessons entitled Welcome, Dream, Plan, Essentials and Let’s Do This units each with Video tutorials!
  • a 32 page workbook to be used in unison with the course.
  • Private Facebook group where you share your yard sketches, & pictures etc.
  • Step-by-step checklists
  • Mulch information, plant selection and irrigation tutorials.
  • My favorite garden tool’s list.
  • Four (4) planting lists and outdoor living furniture lists. Best places to shop in town cheat sheet.

Doors for the course close on Friday March 25th at midnight! Click here to learn more.







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