Happy May Day!

Let’s bring back May Day! Have you heard of it? In the 19th and 20th Centuries May 1st was a day for spreading joy and love to your neighbors. There are many ways people spread love and friendships but all of them included flowers. Rightly so being in most places in America the flowers are now blooming and Spring is sprung. Of course some places may still have another freeze before the days of summer come our way.

Celebrating May Day is fun and is a way to bring back the community one door at a time. Some people would bring May flower baskets to their neighbors homes as a show of friendship. Others would use May Day to leave a little door hanging as a form of courtship. Today I’m sharing a quick little DIY for how to make your own May Day hanging. This can be used as a little wreath or as a little door knob adornment.


Materials can mostly be found at home in your stash. A few little ribbons, a pieces of cardstock or in this case I used a file folder as the container. Other materials, stapler, tape, hole punch and of course flowers. I did wet a papertowel and wrapped it around the bottom of the flower stems then rubberbanded a plastic bag around it to keep it moist.

I honestly find this tradition to be so lovely and another way to build friendships and community in the neighborhood. And if you weren’t able to make this happen today,guess what we have another 30 days of May to c

elebrate it’s glory.


Let’s bring back the one on one personal friendships of community in our neighborhood. We can do it one May Day at a time.

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