Sustainable Gifts for the Holidays!


sustainablegiftsEvery year at this time I try to think of some little gifts for our friends, neighbors, and school teachers. I’m not too into consumerism and with three kids in toe the last thing I want to do is take them shopping. Sign me up for simple sustainable gifts that you can make at home! {did I mention they are inexpensive! bonus}



Bouquet garni is an herb bundle used to flavor soups, stews, and even turkeys! It is cooked with other ingredients but it is removed before consumption. It is typically made with herbs like sage and thyme. It’s a lovely fragrant gift for a friend who loves to cook.

I’ve made mine with oregano, rosemary and sage. These herbs were still going strong in my garden, so it was the perfect time to trim them before the hard freezes set in. You’ll want to cut a handful of herbs and tie them together in a bundle with baker’s twine. Wrap them in parchment or butcher paper then washi tape it closed. {washi tape is colorful paper tape you can find at most stores}. Deliver these to your friends and neighbors a few days before the Holiday meal.


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572A few years back I began giving these Holiday Bulbs as teacher gifts. I start them in November so they bloom for the teacher over the Holiday break. They are such an affordable gift, the bulbs usually cost around 85 cents each and containers can be thrifted in your own home or at the local goodwill. The only requirement is that it holds water. Paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs work well. These can be planted in dirt, recycled glass, gravel, or even just water. And if you are uber resourceful you can even re-use the bulbs next year. Sustainable and affordable. Win, win.

You can find even more detail on how to start Holiday bulbs here. 


573If you’ve been following this blog then you know I am in LOVE with seed bombs. What exactly is a seed bomb? It is a compact way to distribute plant seeds {I like to use local wildflower seeds}. Basically, it’s clay, compost, and seeds all rolled together into a ball.  Once dry, they can be easily handled and stored in little muslin bags as gifts.

For more detail on making seed bombs and a little history of them go here.


574This year I’ve added a little twist to my seed bombs by turning them into ornaments to hand out as Christmas presents. After the ornaments have spent some time on the tree, they can simply go into the garden! It’s the gift that keeps on giving with wildflowers in the springtime. Yep, two gifts in one.

Be sure to include a little note or tag on the seed bomb with simple planting directions. After the Holidays these can be placed an inch down into the soil. The seed ball ornament will decompose by spring just in time for the seeds to germinate.  



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