Countdown to Spring FREE event!


The weather is all over the place these days, are these questions going through your head?

Are my plants alive? Is it time to prune? Should I think about planting trees? What should I be doing in my yard now to prepare for spring?

If you’ve had any of these questions go through your head over the last week you are not alone. February is typically when we start to stress about getting our yard ready for Spring.

As a gift to you next Monday February 20th (and President’s Day) we’re starting our  Countdown to Spring Event where I will teach you how to get your yard prepped for spring.

Sign up below…….it’s going to be a fun online event.

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I'll teach you how to get your yard prepped for Spring!

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Here’s a sneak peak into my Countdown to Spring online event.

  1. Prepare a quick Landscape Inventory.
  2. Learn how to Prevent weeds
  3. Gather the right Tools for spring.
  4. Pruning 101.

I hope you will join me in the event as we get your yard ready for Spring.


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