Common Landscape Mistakes (and what we can learn from them)


The idea of having a beautiful yard to come home to everyday is exciting. Heck, how about just a yard without weeds? Wouldn’t that be great?

We know it’s possible because we see nice yards all around us and wonder how they pulled it off.

But it’s not easy, in fact it was hard for me too when I first moved to New Mexico. I was used to the lush green look of Louisiana where things grow without a second thought (on their own). My yard here in Albuquerque was a blank slate leaving me with so many options. Trying to design my yard quickly became overwhelming.

I want to tell you more about the mistakes I made when I started on my own yard.

Mistake #1: Nice yards are hard to maintain in this southwestern climate.

When we look at other people’s awesome yards we assume, they must be out there all the time. You don’t have the free time to be out there pulling weeds. How is that even possible?

Then you think…they must have a gardener. Yes, that’s it.. they have someone taking care of their yard for them.

But that’s not in your budget, so what are your options?

These thoughts ran through my head all the time, I thought it was impossible for me to have a low maintenance yard. Finally, I put those thoughts behind me and found a solution and now I can’t believe I lived so long with that ugly yard.

Mistake #2: Nice yards use a LOT of water.

Being new to New Mexico back in 1999 I knew the city was promoting waterwise yards. All everyone talked about was xeriscaping and saving water. When tackling my own yard I feared using too much water. I didn’t want to be THAT wasteful person.

You assume the only reason other people’s yards look good is cause they are using tons of the precious resource. You feel so guilty about the water. How do you know if you are using too much?

What does it take to get a plant to grow? I discovered a strategy for landscaping my yard that even the water company is happy about! I know because they actually show me as a “water wise” customer on my monthly bill!

Mistake #3: A new landscape will cost too much.

That yard you covet, it must have cost a fortune. So you think you need to save up money before you start.

When did we decide landscapes are expensive? Have we asked our neighbors what they spent on their yard? Did we call a contractor and get a price or is it that when we go to Home Depot we notice that plants are $12 a pop so imagining an entire yard of plants has us freaking out.

Chances are that yard you covet was built a few dollars at a time.

Here is what I learned, the best thing about landscape is that time is your best friend. Oh and it’s not all about the $12 plants. There are so many possibilities in your backyard that exist without spending a dime.

Most people believe they have to buy the right waterwise low maintenance plants in order to have a beautiful yard in the Southwest. Instead I’ve discovered that plants are just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding the big picture of your yard is far more important if you want to have that beautiful yard.

I help homeowners who are overwhelmed and struggling with their yard get a weed free, waterwise, low maintenance, and beautiful yard.

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