Albuquerque Plant Nursery Tour (the cliff notes version)

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I’ve been busy over here at My Landscape Coach visiting nurseries and checking in on all the great products they have this year. I am so excited to be bringing this to you.

I know it’s that time of year when we are all itching to get out and buy plants, plants sales are going to be in full force here in a few weeks. The question always remains, where to go? First things first, let me review why it’s best to go to a local nursery in your city as opposed to a big box store.

Obviously shopping local means the money goes back into the local economy and we all love that so that’s a win win. Just like no two fingerprints are made alike neither are yards. Every single yard has its own unique environment that includes things like sun exposure, wind exposure, soils, drainage, climate, bugs, orientation, views, weather conditions and elevation. And certain species of plants like certain types of conditions. Plants that are grown in your region for your region are going to be way better suited for your specific yard.

Plant nurseries pride themselves in getting plants that are specifically grown for your area. And the only way to assure that you get a plant that is suited for your yard will be to go to a local nursery. There are so many factors to consider when purchasing plants, so sticking to local nurseries will help enormously in your plants future success.

Local nurseries have very knowledgeable staff that have experience dealing with all the variables of yards just like yours. But remember, they have limited time so go prepared with a list of questions for your yard. Make sure you note all the conditions of your space so the nursery staff can steer you right.

So if you have gotten anything from this email remember DO NOT PURCHASE PLANTS FROM THE BIG BOX STORES like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, K-mart, Target, etc. I’m serious, instead go to a local nursery.

The Nurseries

Have you ever wondered which plant nursery to go to? I’ve been busy this Spring visiting local nurseries to find out just that. Below I’m sharing a few key features from 6 local nurseries.

Alameda Greenhouse This plant nursery located along Alameda near 4th street is best known for their thousands of vegetable seedlings. It is quite a sight to see, the greenhouses are FULL of rows and rows of vegetables and it’s no wonder they pride themselves on growing their own plants. A must stop for all your vegetable needs. Of course they carry a ton of other plants like perennials, annuals, groundcovers, trees, roses, and more but go for the vegetables.

Jericho Nursery  They have a northwest location along Alameda, this nursery came into existence shortly after the Rowlands closed around the city. I’m so happy they did because they provide some unique items not found at other nurseries in town. Now of course they have the usual annuals, perennials, natives, trees, roses, shrubs and more but you’d never guess they have all kinds of specialty miniature garden and fairy garden materials. YES, you read that right. It’s worth the visit just check out the display. You’ll also find a friendly staff and everything you need to make a terrarium, garden tools, products and outdoor décor.

Rehms Nursery Known as your neighborhood nursery, this nursery located at 5801 Lomas Blvd has everything you need for your yard all conveniently located near those of us in the near northeast heights, nob hill, and uptown. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and the deep family like atmosphere and roots of this store shine through. It’s no surprise they’ve been in business for over 80 years.

Osuna Nursery Quite a large nursery located on Osuna just east of Edith, you can find just about everything you need. I used to worry I’d get lost here but their new wayfinding system directs you around the grounds. But one of the coolest features of Osuna is their Plant Pharmacy. The plant pharmacy features certified staff eager and willing to answer all your wildest questions about your plants. Bring a picture of your aphids or leaves from the actual plant and they diagnose the problem, What a great feature for those of us with ailing plants.

Plants of the Southwest Natives, natives, natives. Located on 4th street north of Chavez Rd, they sell native New Mexico plants and seed. Just about any plant you find at this nursery will grow with ease in your yard. I love that they sell the small 2” pots. Natives tend to grow fast so you can save money by buying smaller plants. You will also find a wide variety of seed from vegetables to any type of wildflower you’d like. They even curate specialty blends of wildflowers and grass lawn seeds.

Plant World Originally only a wholesale nursery; Plant World is the go to place for contractors in Albuquerque. Now anyone can shop here via their Garden Club which costs $25 for a lifetime membership. Conveniently located on El Pueblo north of Edith, you will be able to find everything you need for your yard. In fact, they sell some of the largest ball and burlap trees in town.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of some local Albuquerque nurseries. Now this was just the cliff notes version of my nursery visits. I’ll be doing full features on each one in the upcoming weeks. Sign up below and you’ll be the first to hear when the new post comes out!


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