4 unique ways to Build Community in your neighborhood.

BLOGphototemplateI love listening to homeowners, I recently sent out a survey to over 1000 homeowners. Opening those survey results was like opening a present on Christmas day. It makes me so happy to see what YOU want to learn about. This year I was surprisingly pleased with the results. Many people are interested in learning more about building community through landscape design. And this secretly is one of my favorite things to do when I design front yards.

I say secretly because many homeowners want to remain private and keep a low profile when in their front yard. And that is just fine, but great design can begin transformations in people that they would have never expected. So when I design a front patio for homeowners to enjoy with their family, I know it will also open up so many possibilities for the homeowners.

Benefits: you gain a ton more space to your houses ‘living area’ by adding usable space in the front yard. We all know this about backyards but front yards can benefit just as much.

  1. More living space at your home.
  2. Opportunity for spontaneous discussions in your front yard.
  3. The feeling of liveliness in a neighborhood which in turn keeps the neighborhood street safe.
  4. No more playdates across town.
  5. Meet your neighbors.
  6. Enrich someone’s day.

Today I am sharing with you the top 4 community blog posts of My Landscape Coach. You might remember some of them, these tips are ever so useful this year in 2017 as many people seek out ways to build community and get involved.

Building Community Top 4 Posts

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